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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 16, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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flash of light. our power went out. >>reporter: according to pg&e officials about 700 residents lost power. and the tour was set up between evergreen and pine hills drive well pg&e crews work on restoring power and oakland public works tree removal work on clearing the roadway. in the oakland hills, kron 4 news. >>reporter: high winds in to the conditions dealt a blow to a residence for most of the day. here along 1 01, drivers drove cautiously with warnings posted above. here in sausalito, concern voters came in to check and make sure no damage had been done. >> i would know what was blown about 50 mi. an hour last night. i came to check on my boat and make sure my lines are still tied, make sure my boat is still there if and insurance interests over into the and the earth or sausalito. want to make sure my vote is ok.
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>> i have the power boat, and is making sure everything was secure because of the windy weather we've been having lately. everything is good, were good to go just had lunch on an on going back to work. >> in the north bay, kron 4 news. >>pam: the storm caused flooding on the great highway in san francisco. to see the water covering part of when the southbound lanes of traffic. the entire road was closed down overnight. the cause of the flooding, the north bay lanes were reopened at 10:00 a.m.. the going is slow and treacherous over the higher elevations of the sierra in the wake of the big snowstorm and since late december. this is so slick tahoe, the snowplows are enforced by all we will drive vehicles and those equipped with chains were able to get around the going was a bit slow or on a ski run boulevard and along the
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pioneer trail. at least 6 in. of new snow on the ground like level, more at higher elevations and more on the way. and news around the bay, an alameda county judges hearing testimony from defendants in a gang injunction case against the street gang in east oakland. the injunction would place restrictions on a gang member's personal will commence within a 450 square foot block radius and the firm failed district. if that injunction is granted, the defendants would not be allowed to be together, at 10:00 curfew would be implemented and would not be able to do such things as lighter, flash gang signs or paint graffiti. a former airline employee is being accused of stealing credit card information officials say 49 year-old michelle johnson of concord, use 350 credit card numbers to make it least 2800 transactions at safeway stores. she worked as a customer service
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agent for american airlines at san jose international. if convicted, she faces up to 48 years in prison. in oakland, please continue to search for this man who is suspected of kidnapping and beating a woman on february the fifth. this the jury williams and another man larry wilson jr., chased the woman a on i lien street. police say they caught her, kidnapped and beat her. police arrested wilson and they believe williams is still in the oakland area. an employee at a grocery store has pleaded not guilty to charges that he shot a customer in the back. police say an argument over a dog broke out at the supermarket last wednesday. that's when they say sam shot the victim was life threatening injuries. if the suspect was arraigned on charges of attempted murder and assault with a fire arm. the clipper card has moved south, the trends a card that allows riders to board multiple systems around the bay area,
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and now used on the santa clara valley transportation authority's bus and light rail train the pta started selling clipper card today becoming the last public transit agency in the bay area to join the program. the cards have been in use on other systems including cal train, barge, muni and alameda county transit. borders filed for bankruptcy today. if they announced it would close 200 of the 642 stores over the next few weeks. a dozen stores will be closed including two in san francisco at the westfield center in union square, to in san jose and on road. the stores will also be closing in pleasanton, san mateo, los gatos, alameda, san ramon, of fremont, union city and santa cruz. it is it a losing about $2 million a day of the stores that it plans to close. >> i was disappointed it
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seems as though we will not have very many bookstores. there's nothing like holding a natural actu'm seeing the smaller stores close, and then this one which is not a smaller store. a kind of sad. >>pam: stores will begin closing in the next few weeks. clearance sales could begin as early as this weekend. checking wednesday traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. the left side of your screen is westbound traffic in san francisco. it the right side is the eastbound traffic. the james lick in san francisco, the top of your screen traffic flowing quite well. the bottom of your screen southbound 101 toward the peninsula of its sluggish. we will be back. ♪
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>>pam: there are more than 300 to 500 different docking services in san francisco. more than 100,000
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registered dogs. officials say there's no way to keep track of all the dogs. stanley roberts looks at professional dog walkers and how the city has plans to put a leash on their activity in this edition of people be given badly. >>stanley: this is a professional dog walker law and his dog to feet run free. it appears they're getting free exercise despite the sidewalk signs that mean keep dogs on leashes. in san francisco, the only requirements needed to be a professional dog walkers is a dog and other than your own. now the city wants to change that. there's talk of required professional dog walkers to get permits. why? because of one dog walker put it everyone out of a job with the truck now has become a professional dog walkers. what would permit do? >> would be good for people at education before the start walking dogs and a permit would require the take a class.
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>>stanley: she's been a dog walker for 15 years. she agrees with the permit process. apparently some of those so-called professional dog walkers are not picking up after the dogs. another problem, some of which many dogs. there are no more prominence for dog walkers and severances go. >> i think dog walkers should be insured, have licenses and following world so there are no complaints. >>stanley: if you're using a service matured their bonded ensured it might save you green in the long run. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>pam: prif you have a comment or story idea for stanley, just email him at www.peoplebehavingbadly@kron
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>>pam: california stands to gain billions of dollars and federal money. >> the truth is this project would be far too costly to taxpayers and i believe the risks far outweighs the benefits. >>pam: floor that is the third state to reject the real funds. the four mile limewood of connected orlando airport with downtown tablets trains running out 183 mi. an hour. transportation secretary said he is disappointed but he said other states will be enthusiastic to received nearly two and a half billion dollars. california congressman john, had three words of reaction. thank-you florida. the state has plans for 800 mi. system connecting sacramento, san
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francisco and l.a.. california bullet trains would travel at 220 m.p.h., construction has to started on the first section between bakersfield and mid your county. california isn't the only state seeking not money. officials in washington and new york say they want a slice. >>catherine: and world news protests continue where crowds are calling for a huge political overhaul. emergency parliament meeting was called for thursday, two protesters had been killed. a large march being planned for friday. protests continued egypt, there mourning the dead from the 18 days of on rest. at least 365 civilians had been killed. airport employes want better pay, a textile workers are striking and demanding that the corruption probe. military losing patience and calling for immediate halt to all labour actions. a federal
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court sentenced a pyrite to more than 33 years in prison. he pleaded guilty to hijacking a u.s. flag ships and taken the captain hostage that was 2009. the five the standoff ended wednesday be snipers killed three pirates and free the capt. he was the only surviving pirate. disasters songs been declared in thailand because it dropped more than 200,000 needed more than the immediate help. crops at the head, some farmers are switching to corned since it needs much less water. australia being hit with this second cyclone into weeks. it dumped heavy rain on the northern city of darwin send a wind gusts up to 80 mi. an hour. emergency workers set to rescue people from cars that stalled in flood waters. one man was hospitalized after being hit by a falling tree. >>pam: to studies in the journal nature, leaked global warming to extreme
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rain storms and snowballs. they say these weather events are generally getting substantially worse. one study found the strongest precipitation of fans were 7% wetter the 1990's that they were in the 1950's. the other looked a costly flooding in england and wales in the fall of 2000 and from global warming more than doubled the likelihood of that flood occurring. a look again outside as the sun begins to set on the california coastline. this is a live picture at pacific, a beautiful picture. you could see the waves crashing. jacqueline standing by to tell us about the storm set to come. >>jacqueline: were single in the rain. a few places with isolated showers. the bay area mainly dry. isolated showers up to the north and south. we will see widespread rain in the overnight. a chance of isolated showers through the evening. financing a couple cells. early morning hours
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though, the rain picks up in covers over the north bay tree f lange brought in the morning by 9:00 a.m., what widespread moderate heavy rain in the north bay. a deep shades of red on your screen indicating places where thunderstorms are likely. a meeting will see small hail imbedded. at 11:00 hour the heavy rain push south of the old gate. the best chance for thunderstorms it is closer to the coast. later on in the morning, the heavy rain will push down toward the south bay but notice we will see scattered showers still in behind that named band. up to an inch in the central east bay of wayne, santa cruz mountains going to get pounded with to 3 in. of rain. the south bay members may be need to be bumped up because the main band was up to the cells could stall there. let's get a look at what we will see
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in this year rob. plenty of fresh know not only today but we will add to that as we head into tomorrow and friday. all winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 p.m., i suspect another one will be issued tomorrow afternoon. it also again on friday. another couple feet of snow at lake level tomorrow, friday better than a foot snowfall rates could be up to an inch now where at times. our extended forecast, a couple more ways of rain coming tomorrow, scattered showers behind that. have your rain friday afternoon and into early saturday morning. the weekend things will start to dry out, bringing rain back into the forecast next week. >>pam: i viewers from across the bay have been sending as our weather pictures and videos. kimberly is here with a look at some of >>kimberlee: on. we put all the pictures on a slide show on we are looking at video sent to and from what you were in oakland. look at the hail
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falling everywhere. it looks almost completely white on the ground. this picture from oakland, look at the parking spots and steps covered with hail. another view of the hailstorm in the oakland hills, look at the patio garden here again covered in hail. i hope your plants make it through. of you were from pleasant, and wiping away the hail. in the north bay, they said it was aery that it suddenly got dark and windy and poured hail. she said sounded and hit so hard that it sound like thunder. to look at all of your picture, slide show and send us your pictures of visit >>jacqueline: the see a much snow fell in the zero in the past 24 hours. squaw valley, 1 ft. of new snow in the past 24 hours and more to
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come. sugar bowl, sought the most by far, 2 ft. of fresh powder in the past 24 hours. we will add to the substantially through the rest of the week. we will bring you the updates in you could always get those updates on we will be back after this.
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money-back guarantee -- plus dvr. you can even choose wireless voice service. at&t, right? you got it. [ female announcer ] it's easy to compare online at and see for yourself. >>pam: couple fans anxious and rumors swirling about the new i pad. our tech reporter gave is here now with what he knows about the rollout and all this rumor. >>gabe: think it's coming the think there will be an i pad too soon. they refresh annually their products. the first i pad was announced january 2010. released april 3, 2010. it's almost a year so we should be having a press conference soon. this is video of the existing i pad. apple has not confirm anything. we don't know for sure but the reason
5:55 pm
why there's all kind of rumors this week is the wall street journal reported that the sighted people familiar with the matter. they said we were told details. what they said is it will be lighter, center, faster a better processor, better graphics, have a camera for video chatting in the same price range. that's what the wall street journal is hearing. and i find their great sometimes. what i would like to see is an h-p might output for it so you could watch tv in shows that you have storage you to watch and a high death. then of course, there's a lot of tablets coming out this market like a dozen this year on the market. apple has to do something to step up, the salt tablets how the front facing camera and video chat and. people do want that on the tablet and have more input send and outputs. as lighter because i've tried been in bed
5:56 pm
reading it is too heavy. thinner, lighter. i think it will keep the same size of the screen, i think it was steve jobs himself who said they're not interested in a smaller tablet. that's the idea of your plan to attack the debate it or just a big smartphones. >>pam: alright think you gave. >>jacqueline: taking a live look outside over san francisco, look the puffy clouds over the city. were still some scattered showers and the possibility of isolated thunderstorms this evening. have your rain tomorrow. i what details and a full report coming up. the news at 6:00 is next.
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live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron 4 news at 6:00. >>pam: at 6:00, as the bay area cleans up from the loss
5:59 pm
storm another one around the corner. >>jacqueline: seeing lingering showers right now, the big storm we will see tomorrow comes through overnight. >>pam: what time is that? >>jacqueline: about five or 6:00 in the morning. right now you will notice a few specks of rain here and there. we're sitting areas of slightly heavier rain and this is in a spot that's unpopular today. that yellow on your screen your vallejo, a little bit heavier there. the thunderstorms spread will decrease as we head into the evening. overnight hours though, that will change. it also that what changes the winds. the lot, right now than they have been. as the winds calmed down it and the skies remained partly cloudy with sunbreaks where it is clear, temperatures will really drop off. right now were in the upper '40's and low 50s. 46 now, 51 oakland, 51 san jose. although not quite as
6:00 pm
breezy this evening, it will be pretty chilly. tonight into tomorrow, a chance of isolated thunderstorms, after that it will remain mostly dry until about midnight. that's what isolated cells will start to roll back in. tomorrow morning, heavy rain in the north bay at the clock tower and myself for the rest of the morning. scattered showers filling and behind that stand as we head into the later afternoon hours. we will talk that out, coming up a bit. >>pam: weather led to hundreds of power outages across the bay. all power restored in san francisco, but on the peninsula 150 people are still in the dark. 50 customers in the north bay, 1000 and east bay and most of those outages are in the walnut creek area due to a blown transformer there. in the south bay 300 customers are waiting for the power to come back on. arting coverage of the weather
6:01 pm
moves now to kron 4, reggies was live in san francisco. >>reporter: it definitely feels like winter out here. it is quite chilly. why did take a look over here at the bay. it is quite common the water right now we do have a high wind advisory that are both the fact. they were canceled earlier this afternoon. and take a look over my shoulder behind me. there of been several signs of put up along the embarcadero warning drivers about the possibility of flooding along the embarcadero your mission. fears of flooding in the streets because it's not raining right now. for could be a potential for flooding possibly tomorrow when another storm moves into the bay area. live in san francisco reggie kron 4 news. >>pam: hail in oakland this morning as you can see in the video from the fruit fell district. it came down really hard the house uc had its roots in front porch pal to the by hail for about
6:02 pm
five minutes before the last hail storm moved on. the storm has met all lot of stuff for this europe. this is video of a blue canyon where they saw the snow come down as fast as 3 in. or more hour. kron 4 has a look at conditions in south we talk. >>rob: i'm in lake tahoe at the resort. i guess you get some fresh powder over night? >> 11 in. have fallen since 2:00 a.m., a great light and fluffy snow. it could have come at a better time. this is a welcome addition. >>rob: how much of the what malcolm is open? >> vote 40%. it's blowing pretty hard out there. we will take a few close looks. with the stretch we've been through, six weeks where
6:03 pm
it's been sending gorgeous, people start to put the squeeze away and taking up hikes in your tools. this get them back into the winter from of mine. we could be more excited about the timing. >>rob: thank-you very much. skiers are rejoicing about what they say classic pattern conditions from heavenly at south lake tahoe, kron 4 news. >>pam: was cold and window and sometimes wet in the ocean beach this afternoon. you see the rain hitting a couple at a sudden downpour at 1230 this afternoon. a few people did parade sunny conditions it wanted to come out and check out the ways in the area the storm brings with the high surf advisory which remains in effect until 2:00 a.m. tomorrow. new details tonight about a narcotics officer arrested and accused of selling method, marijuana and steroids. kron 4 as been following the story is live outside the county jail and martinez. >>dan: 2 people in the
6:04 pm
county jail tonight one of them as a commander with the narcotics task force charged with keeping narcotics off the street, now officials are saying he did just the opposite. under rest of norman wells, the commander of the central contra cost the narcotics team. he has accused it of the distribution of methamphetamine, marijuana and steroids. also under arrest his associates christopher bartlett. he also faces the same accusations. the undercover investigation began in january, welch is now behind bars with bail set at $660,000, butler behind bars with bail set at $840,000. the department of justice says they don't expect any additional rest, they say there could be more charges the d.a. office is now reviewing the case. they
6:05 pm
should make some filing decisions before friday. the latest in martinez, we will have more kron 4 news for you after the break. [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind
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>>pam: a students deadly plan to kill his teacher as landed him behind bars. thankfully the plan was never carried out. kron 4 dan curman tells us how officials learned of the planet what the student was reportedly planning such a terrible plan. >>dan: here a freshman has been booked into juvenile hall for making felonies threats against a school official. police say it happened yesterday morning, this to one into the school counselor office until the counselor he had planned to kill the teacher because the teacher had embarrassed him and fun of other students. the student then left the campus and was picked up by police. on him they found documents detailing how he was quite carry out the murder. police say later he
6:09 pm
confessed and also indicated, he had elaborate plan of escaping. hall and in all, van kron 4 news. >>pam: the accused of stealing credit card information in going on shopping sprees of safeway a former airline employee is now facing felony charges. this is the picture a 49 year-old michelin johnson of concord facing 66 counts of stealing and using customer credit card numbers. she worked as a customer service agent for american airlines. johnson is accused of using 50 you need a credit card numbers to make it least 2800 transactions. racking up more than $480,000 in purchases pee. they say she hit safely stores in california, nevada and washington state. if convicted she faces up to 40 years in prison. police and vallejo are asking for the public's help to help find this man. missing for
6:10 pm
11 days now. investigators say on february the fifth. a 45 year-old robert masked it took his dog for a walk. the dog later returned home, dragging her leash. police said the circumstances surrounding robert massed whereabouts are suspicious. a look outside this is a lot picture from walnut creek or pg&e crews from the scene working to restore power to a number of people off were suffering to power outage because of our problem with a transformer in the area.
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>> teachers are on edge and were really opposed to the idea of class size is going up. >>pam: without the tax
6:16 pm
extension that has been proposed by gov. jerry brown, oakland could lose an additional $12 million in state money. " all living $110 million deficit has san jose officials warning they may have to lay off hundreds of public safety employees even if the city does get labor concessions from the workers. in a preliminary budget session this week. the officials painted a worst-case scenario. it includes laying off to 300,000349 workers. even with concessions they may have to slash 237 officers. the fire department could seek deep cuts losing 145 firefighters with concessions that number only drops to 82. nothing is a done deal yet. the union leaders say these types of cuts will reduce the response time and service. >> taken season veteran officers at of the detective
6:17 pm
bureau and having to put them out on the street to handle calls for services. the quality of investigations of the detective bureau will be compromise. you're talking about a homicide union being reduced in staffing so, that could have an impact on our homicide stop ability rate. >>pam: police and fire departments are not the only things that the city is considering. as christine conley shows us, there could also be cut to city programs. >>christine: with a $110 million deficit santas say officials say there is a real risk for cuts in service. street lights are one of the things are talking about. when proposals to shut off some neighborhood lights from 11:30 p.m. until like 5:00 a.m.. that's most of the night. if the public library could also suffer. preliminary budget discussions included reducing hours there from 4.5 days to three days a week. community center's which of already been hit
6:18 pm
hard sales of be on the chopping block. they have to close two of the tent holds that left. general fund money which goes to the city's statement made this program could also be axed. this may lead to delays in repairs. nothing is a done deal yet a vote on the budget is expected until june. in san jose christine conley kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: cloudy skies for the daily rate al but not seeing rain. other than that, dry conditions now but we will see big changes as we head into the overnight hours. by midnight, we will see rain rotate through san francisco into the east bay. 5:00 a.m., widespread coverage. you will notice there is a moderate to heavy rain over san francisco. we still do have a good chance of thunderstorms in the forecast into tomorrow morning. uc at 9:00 a.m.,,
6:19 pm
indicating areas where we will not only see heavy rain but also small hail possibility. 11:00 a.m. this rain will slide down south of the golden gate. but for the chance a small hill is the best. we will still see a chance of in land and also ease the like we saw today. but the 1:00 hour the heavy rain slide to the south bay and it could stall there for a little while. that's the wild card of tomorrow's rain. in the afternoon we will see scattered showers for the rest of the bay area. rainfall totals look like this up to an inch and a quarter in the north bay. since it's so cold, and we will see are still love the lord down a little bit more about 3,000 ft.. to see a dusting and the highest peaks of the bay. in the south bay, as for
6:20 pm
temperatures will still remain on the cooler side. upper '40's low 50s. as for snow in the sierra, another dumping of snow tomorrow and also friday another 2 ft. at lake level even higher in the higher elevations. snowfall rates could exceed an inch per hour at times. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, a couple storms out there for the rest the week one tomorrow into the early afternoon and again friday afternoon or early saturday morning. we try out over the weekend but next week the rain is right back in the forecast. >>catherine: in world news tonight, on rest is exploding across the muslim world like a string of firecrackers. tonight and new longtime dictator is facing crowds of protesters in the streets. libya is the latest arab country to feel the tidal wave of protests. the tightly controlled media only showed pro-government president demonstrations.
6:21 pm
reports are dozens of people and hurt in street fighting and some police stations have been burned. the country has been ruled since 1959 by the same person. it lies between to knee shall any chips.and tunisi. since then rise of broken out in a half-dozen other countries. on the persian gulf is the home base of the u.s. fleet. two people died in three days of protests. >> there are some more people than the work 24 hours ago, it's enormous. >>catherine: police and young men killed two people today, writing has been going there for six days. in iran anti- government protests brought chance into parliament to execute opposition leaders. the opposition is saying he's willing to give his life for his beliefs. the
6:22 pm
anti-government protests that proven to be embarrassing for the country's leadership. they sounded upbeat about egypt uprising even comparing it to their own seizure of power. stay with us we'll be back after this break. [ male announcer ] hands free driving. cars that park themselves. an unmanned car driven by a search engine company. we've seen that movie. it ends with robots harvesting our bodies for energy. [ engine revs ] this is the all new 2011 dodge charger.
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leader of the human resistance.
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>>pam: a grandfather and tennessee has created a smart phone app that parents of teen drivers will love. our internet reporter kimberly joins us now. she is your details. it was greeted help kids stay safe while driving on the road? >>kimberlee: exactly that includes talking, talking on the phone which are not supposed to do. this was sparked when his granddaughter was driving him haul one day and he realized she was going too fast. that sparked the idea for the hat. let's take a look at what exactly it looks like. through the app parent's consent at boundary as well as a city block or as big as an entire city to attract kids so of teens are speeding or at a bouncer tax man driving, parents will
6:26 pm
get a google map text message a large when the car's location. the developers of the technology will larger kid to call home if you're looking for them. >> once they learned not spying and watching every move in may, they're ok with it. the quit speeding, they quit going out of bounds and it put text in and driving. >>kimberlee: right now it's only available on the android market but in two weeks i phone users will be able to buy it. in order to have the at work it has to be down loaded on both the parent and the kids cellphone. >>pam: i'm sure parents will love that. >>kimberlee: parents will teens will not. >>pam: were going to take a break will be back with more news. ñ
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now, at 6:30 p.m., tonight's big stories in one big block of news. more crews, more stories. right now, today's top story.
6:29 pm
>>jacqueline: our top story is the rain. it settled down for now but it will be back. this evening a possibility of a few isolated showers. at midnight at couple isolated showers. by 5:00 a.m., we will see widespread coverage of the north bay and moderate to heavy rain over san francisco. the main band of rain pushing through later in the morning. we will maintain the chance of thunderstorms in the morning and early afternoon. lotus the deep shades of red over petaluma and sitting off shore. this indicates where we will see how to rein in the possibility of small hail. the look and o'clock hour the have you read slides out of the south. the middle the deep red on your screen. if we of the best chance for a thunderstorms near the coast. as to what role if you live in the state or along the delta. what o'clock it was pushed down to the south but we will have ever showers plus billing and behind it. and where up to 3 in. of snow rain expected as the storm
6:30 pm
pushes through. >>reporter: the overnight storm caused a huge tree to come down and with it taking out those four pg&e power lines knocking out power to 675 customers in the oakland hills. " the trees and power lines landed on cars parked nearby. no one was injured. as he tore was set up between evergreen and high heels dry periods on skyline boulevard if kron 4 news. >>rob: here in tall, skiers are making their way to the mound for what they call the first real powder day in many weeks. this is the storm and almost sweet spirit as much as a foot half of snow in the past 24 hours. maybe another 6 in. above 8,000 ft. expected by later tonight. lots of skiers taking advantage classic pattern conditions. in south like top zero rob kron 4 news.
6:31 pm
>>reporter: the rain and high tide it made for a precarious conditions in his car pool parking lot. despite the warning signs alerting drivers to stay clear of certain spots due to possible flooding. some drivers, clearly didn't pay attention. high tide is expected to be an issue until saturday. >>dan: here at the jail and martine as the person charged with keeping narcotics off the street is now behind bars accused of just the opposite. his name is norman welch, he is the commander of the central contra costa county narcotics enforcement team. he was arrested this morning with his his so see it christopher butler a private investigator. both accused of distribution of methamphetamine, marijuana and steroids. in martinez, dan kron 4 news. >>reporter: a student at a high school was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill a teacher. police say
6:32 pm
the freshman revealed a plot to a school counselor while complaining the teacher and bears tim in front of their classmates. during up the search of the boys belongings officers found a notebook that contained a plan on how he would carry out the attack. >>kate: just a short time ago brother's schools that have been in the running for closure but those were announced months ago. parents marched to the district headquarters to voice their frustration, is over what elementary is another school that's being considered for closure. a final decision will be made on tuesday. reporting in concord, kate kron 4 news. >>christine: in san jose $110 million deficit has city officials warning there could be massive cuts to police and fire departments. they say they may have to lay off as many as 349
6:33 pm
police officers, 144 firefighters. even with labor concessions there still may be layoffs. the city is also talk about other things like diming street lamps in some neighborhoods during nighttime hours. nothing is a done deal and they will vote until the summer. christine conley kron 4 news. >>reporter: borders is set to close hundreds of the stores after filing for bankruptcy, some of the bay area. the big bucks for known for bringing the closure of numerous mom-and- pop stores is facing closure itself. but there are currently 642 stores in the country and in the coming weeks 200 will be close. of those 200 close twelver in the bay area. they have struggled with tough competition coming from online sales and the newfound popularity of electronic books. in emeryville kron 4 news. >>pam: apple fans getting excited rumors are swirling about a possible i phone handle. were joined by our
6:34 pm
tech reporter gave what the latest period'. >>gabe: the 9 codewordwe don't w anything from apple, i can tell you every june they do come out with a phone. i don't think there's much you could do to improve the new i phone 4. if there is the competition coming from every one with the enjoy phones and the palm phones and window sevenfold. i smaller i phone does make sense in a couple ways. but there are some people who does won a smaller smart phone. this is the h-p veer just unveiled there's no price release date yet. it's a small smartphones by h-p it felt like a father and i think people want smaller smartphones. it is a slide of keyboard and does everything that a big smart phone does. apple might be
6:35 pm
thinking people want a smaller phone. it's possible the screen size on the i phone and no will be smaller. maybe it will just give up storage like relief and on the same screen size but you will people hold a lot of video or songs, tv shows. i think if they did do the i phone and no, go for $100. that would be huge make it so it's your choice, you'd have less storage, same screen size. they need to do something to compete. i do think it will be a phone, in june. don't know if it will be called in and know that maybe i phone 5. >>pam: will be back more news ahead. [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind
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what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. >>pam: more than 100,000 registered stocks started stanley roberts looks at the professional dog walkers.
6:39 pm
if this edition of people v even deadly. >>stanley: this is a professional dog walker allowing his doctor run free and she's tennis balls. the dogs are getting what appears to be great exercise despite the painted sidewalk signs are read to keep dogs on leashes. in san francisco, the only requirement to be a professional dog walker is a dog other than your own. now the city wants to change that. stock of required dog walkers to get permits. why? as one dog walker put it, everyone at of a job with the truck now has become a professional dog walker. what would permit do? >> would be good for people have more education before the walk dogs, this would require the take a class. >>stanley: 1 is been a dog walker for 14 years and agrees with the permit process. there's a few
6:40 pm
people that need to be encouraged to pick up more. apparently some professional dog walkers are not picking up after the dogs. another problem, some have way too many dogs. there are no set in stone climates for dog walkers in san francisco. >> we should be insured, have licenses and be injured so there are no complaints. >>stanley: in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, just email him at www.peoplebehavingbadly@kron, stay with us. >>kimberlee: 3 alan more wicked weather headed our way, keep track of our stores by visiting our comprehensive weather page. take a look at our videos where meteorologist give you the up to details for today's forecast. check out our live operator to see where the storms are hitting them or
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>>gary: the raiders open their checkbooks today. this guy hit the jackpot. it two years, $22.5 million and the bottom line in the nfl, it's guaranteed it with all the incentives could be worth $30 million. see more went to the pro ball last year in a big impact of the raiders' defense. as we say all the time, if you really want someone you will find the money. 49er slowly getting their new coach. today, jim harbaugh said hello to a fellow named a greg and he will be one of the chief
6:45 pm
assistants. his official title is that. he has been with harbaugh since the tail end of his playing career with the carolina panthers. he relates an interesting story. >> jim doesn't remember this, one day at practice, jim was warming up and i said you know what one day when i go somewhere and going to hire you. and i said what? then i started thinking about it and jim was a gym rat. he was a football guy all the way. >>gary: michael most talked- about interview with oprah has been cancelled. at the last moment. if there were scheduled to be set down and representative called the oprah show late last night and said after careful consideration vic has decided no. he does not want to do it. why do it? he rehabilitated his image somewhat, why see all those
6:46 pm
ugly pictures be brought up again. on sports shows you don't see them anymore because he played so well. why go one there oprah will have to show where the dogs were murdered and it's the truck. words from the wise from crime. dale earnhardt jr. goes from grow 1 to the back road. this weekend's daytona, the way this worked out this guy was cruising. when you crash during practice session, very ago. not injured it bought a chance of winning the daytona 500 coming from the back position, greatly diminished today. although plants, it may be a good time to get out. lance, after finishing 65th in a recent race in australia, lance armstrong has retired today. he won seven
6:47 pm
consecutive toward a frost. you know how this works, with all the drug and allegations, just retiring get everybody off your back. this is his second retirement and that's it. to the real world is give them a break. the baseball folks say st. louis refusal to give albert $3 million is a major bust. you probably watch the baseball network, they were going wall-to- wall. i thought someone had passed away. special programming because st. louis said we do not want to give you $300 million. he's going to play out, he is the best player of the game. the card will say there amid market team, that's rich for their blood. he will play his final year for 16 million. then he will become a free agent at the end. matt has recently signed a free in baseball i hate san francisco. these are being sold on the bay it
6:48 pm
with a price now $299,000. the padre's eliminated by contention from the giants last year. sometimes i go in the afternoon and play on the day ended on things. all go to 75 i will not go to 99. are you ready for the second leading scorer in america? >>pam: jacqueline and i are standing by. >>gary: the best public relations director in the bay area, he's been doing this 30 years. 30 years, no one else offered him a job. when we return he's the nation's second leading scorer, adrian oliver. he's a terrific player. do dress lawrence the head to come sit on the cars tonight? fair enough. they follow each other because adrienne, and gary loves lawrence. i see them seven days a week.
6:49 pm
they came in separate cars from san jose. we will talk with him next. ♪
6:50 pm
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>>gary: the no. 1 player in the bay area, nationally he is the second leading scorer in 25 points a game. adrian oliver, a tie for fourth last year an american scoring. played at washington in 2008, then came to play for lawrence fan. he likes to show is going to be the one player with a chance to make it in the nba. let me guess, a late first-round early second? >> that's what i'm hearing. it is long as i'm and i'm happy. >>gary: veer from modesto,, your parents at an watching you play every game then. >> yes. i and fell in love with the city of seattle,
6:53 pm
the systems it we perfect. everything seemed perfect, just like other things in life it wasn't meant to be. >>gary: instead of sticking to place your happy. he came here. last year's three points of the all-time leading scoring record in san jose scoring record? >> i think it kind of cheated me on those three points, 93 away but. >>gary: what good is he if he couldn't she me the notes at 3:00 a.m.. who would we know in the nba that you think you have a little bit of his game in mind? >> i know how to score any way possible. a 13th to try to stop me, the whole defense towards me and i find ways of scorn of the court. >>gary: put modesty aside, is someone you watch and think it's a little bit of me?
6:54 pm
>> personally, terry. he comes off the bench and he's going right off the bat. or about the same size, and i say he's a good comparison. >>gary: our rate jason terry from the mavericks. if you're not from the brocken and malcolm region, that's good. any played against san jose state. they went crazy, the whole nation. have you seen him play? >> yes. >>gary: if lord's might produce a one-on-one battle what you think? >> most definitely. >>gary: let's hear from mr. oliver's coach. >> adrienne in my mind is one of the best college basketball players in the country. people need to understand that ultimately. >>gary: to know what i like
6:55 pm
about you, 99 percent of the guys would say at and also would be a good matchup. i'm the same thing as someone said who's better you are vern glenn, i would always say i could handle vern . it's the way to be, you have the confidence to make the pros. >> you have to have that on the court in order to be great. i want to be great. it off the court and appellate said. but on the court feel like on the bus. >>gary: nice to meet young man. if you really have confidence he will drive home in lawrence's band. we will follow adrian in the pros, we will see what a lot o'clock. [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind
6:56 pm
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that's simple nutrition. ♪ that's ingredients for life. safeway. cbs correspondent lara logan after her sustained sexual assault and beating in egypt. i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm chris jacobs. >> "the insider" is on. >> the ugly attack in egypt. >> all of us here at cbs news
6:58 pm
are shocked. >> our thoughts and our prayers are with her. >> i feel sorry for what happened. >> the emmy winner in her own wors before the prutle attack. >> i was scared that it would be the last time i spoke to the people i love. bernie madoff from behind bars. is justin bieber abstaining from sex until he's married? the 16-year-old's "rolling stone" shocker. i'm going to apologize. >> whoopi backtracks today after firing off on the report. >> damn it, get your facts straight. michael and catherine's fashion week date. >> you ever get pressured to do plastic surgery? the limo confessions. jennifer aniston, and posing for "playboy." star watch is on. then, in depth, the truth behind carrie fisher's massive weight gain. >> i'm terrified of scales. >> what she didn't tell oprah and inside jenny craig's kitchen.
6:59 pm
and -- is billy ray comparing his daughter to anna nicole? their broken father-daughter bond. >> this is destiny hope right here. this is miley. >> now, from hollywood, "the insider" is on. cbs correspondent lara logan after her sustained sexual assault and beating in egypt. welcome to "the insider." i'm lara spencer. >> i'm chris jacobs. thank you for joining us. we have the latest on justin bieber, elizabeth taylor and bernie madoff. the first interview from prison. >> first, let's go to tonight's top story. >> we want to turn now to that ugly attack in egypt. >> lara logan suffered a beating and sexual assault in cairo. >> pictures beamed a across the worl of egyptians celebrating, a barbaric attack was unfolding. >> all of us were shocked at the attack on lara. >> our thoughts and prayers are with lara logan, her family, her coworkers.


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